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Jun 08, 2005

DCCC Announces Launch of Stem Cell Initiative

DCCC Press

Jun 8, 2005

DCCC Announces Launch of Stem Cell Initiative

Committee will rally support for life-saving research Republicans threaten to block and President Bush threatens to veto.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today announced a new web initiative to rally support for important stem cell legislation passed by an overwhelming margin in the House last week. The bill is currently awaiting consideration and approval by the Senate where Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) has threatened to filibuster. President Bush has threatened to veto the bill if passed.

The DCCC will launch its stem cell initiative today with an email appeal to tens of thousands of supporters across the country from Congresswoman Lois Capps [CA-23]. Capps will call for a renewed push for the potentially life-saving research and will ask for stories from real families across the country about why stem cell research is so important to them.

"Members of both parties came together in the face of fierce opposition to defy President Bush's stifling limitations. They understand that this research opens possibilities for some of mankind's worst afflictions, from Parkinson's syndrome to Alzheimer's to diabetes - diseases that have tragically baffled the best efforts of medical scientists... Passage of the bill has inspired optimism in millions of Americans whose families and friends might benefit from this research some day, " Capps writes in the email.

National, bipartisan support for stem cell research is overwhelming. According to recent polling, stem cell research has the support of 74% of all Americans, including 60% of Republicans [WSJ/Harris Interactive, 6/7/06].

"Republican opposition to this potentially life-saving research shows just how out-of touch Republicans are with the interests of American families, " said John Lapp, executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "By catering to a narrow group of special interests, Republicans are blocking what could be tremendous opportunities in the research and development of cures to terrible diseases."

In the coming weeks, the DCCC will continue its initiative, assisting supporters across the country in contacting their member of Congress and their local newspaper, to show their support for stem cell research. Congressman Jim Langevin [RI-02], a spinal-cord injury survivor, will also address supporters in an email from the DCCC.