Campaign 2010

May 27, 2009

Adam Kinzinger, Welcome To The Race…Now Tell Voters How You Plan To Fix The Economy

In the most challenging times since the Great Depression, families across Illinois' 11th Congressional District deserve to hear solutions, not empty political rhetoric from Adam Kinzinger.


To begin this important dialogue with voters, here is a list of questions for Adam Kinzinger that the public deserves answers to in these difficult economic times...


1.  Mr. Kinzinger, do you support the economic recovery package that is investing millions of dollars at home in the 11th District and is saving or creating 148,000 Illinois jobs? [H.R. 1]


2.  Mr. Kinzinger, do you support investing over $2 million to make much needed improvements to the Bloomington/Normal public transit system? [H.R. 1]


3.  Mr. Kinzinger, do you support providing Social Security recipients, many of whom live on fixed incomes, an infusion of $250 to help these older Americans afford everyday expenses? [H.R. 1]


4.  Mr. Kinzinger, do you support preserving Social Security from dangerous privatization schemes? [H.R. 1276]


5.  Mr. Kinzinger, do you support giving 95 percent of working families a tax break to the tune of $242 billion nationwide? [H.R. 1]


6.  Mr. Kinzinger, do you support the Fair Tax? [H.R. 25]


7.  Mr. Kinzinger, do you support cutting the national deficit by nearly two-thirds over the next four years? [S.Con.Res 13]


8.  Mr. Kinzinger, do you support increasing spending for veterans' services to allow for expanded mental health screening and treatment, which is vital as many veterans are suffering from PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury? [S.Con.Res 13]




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