Campaign 2010

Oct 27, 2012

Constituents Blast Congressman Southerland for Ending Medicare Guarantee

In the DCCC Independent Expenditure’s fourth TV ad, Floridians blast Congressman Steve Southerland (FL-02) for voting to put Florida seniors’ retirement in jeopardy while complaining about his taxpayer funded salary. Florida seniors would have to pay hundreds of dollars more each month under a plan like the one Congressman Southerland voted for twice.


Script of “Backwards”

Constituent 1:            Have you read up on Steve Southerland?

Voiceover:                  In Washington, Southerland voted for two budgets that slash Medicare and give tax breaks to millionaires.

Constituent 2:            Slashing Medicare, giving tax breaks to millionaires...

Constituent 3:            That seems backwards.

Voiceover:                  But it's not just that. Southerland's been complaining about his one hundred seventy-four thousand dollar salary. He calls it: “not so much.”

Constituent 1:            “Not so much?”

Constituent 4:            “I wouldn't mind "not so much.”

Constituent 3:            We need a Congressman on OUR side.

Voiceover:                  That's Al Lawson.