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Jul 30, 2013

Jon Runyan Endorses Senate Candidate with Wrong Priorities for New Jersey

Congressman Jon Runyan recently cozied up to extremists when he endorsed Steve Lonegan’s Senate candidacy, saying that “we need more people in Washington” like the perennial candidate – but New Jersey voters know that Lonegan has the wrong priorities for New Jersey families.

Steve Lonegan routinely puts partisanship before solutions, whether it’s by opposing federal aid to help areas hit by Hurricane Sandy, calling Social Security a “Ponzi scheme,” or opposing bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform. 

“Congressman Jon Runyan’s endorsement of Steve Lonegan should make New Jersey voters worried, since Lonegan’s priorities are so far out of whack – vocally opposing Hurricane Sandy aid, calling Social Security a ‘Ponzi scheme’ and opposing a bipartisan measure to fix our country’s broken immigration system,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “By supporting a radical Tea Party candidate, Congressman Runyan is putting his political party ahead of standing up for the hardworking middle class families of New Jersey.”


Runyan Endorsed Lonegan For Senate in New Jersey, Saying “We Need More People in Washington” Like Him.  “We need more people in Washington who are willing to talk straight with the American people and tackle the very serious economic and fiscal problems facing the country, instead of sweeping them under the rug. […] I am confident Mayor Lonegan would do just that as senator, and that’s why I am endorsing him today,” Runyan said in a written statement. [Burlington County Times, 7/26/13]

Lonegan Called the Hurricane Sandy Relief Package “Ridiculous” and a “Boondoggle” and Demanded that House Republicans “Turn Off the Open-Ended Disaster Aid Spigot.” “Calling ‘ridiculous’ a $60.4 Billion aid request for Hurricane Sandy relief, New Jersey Americans for Prosperity State Director Steve Lonegan said that politicians were using the hurricane as an excuse for a free-for-all on the U.S. Treasury. […] ‘The President, who will be submitting this request to Congress, needs to explain exactly how this money will be spent and how many New Jersey residents should expect a check for $4,200 or more and exactly who these people are.’ […] ‘He also needs to explain to the more than Three Hundred Million Americans why he wants to make them pay nearly $200 each to fund this disaster relief boondoggle.’ […] With the deficit the number one issue facing the Congress, Republicans need to turn off the open-ended disaster aid spigot.” [Americans for Prosperity New Jersey, 12/08/12]

Lonegan On Senate Immigration Bill: “This Legislation Is A Pure And Simple Amnesty For Illegal Aliens And I Were A Member Of The US Senate, I Would Vote No.” “Steve Lonegan, who’s considered the frontrunner in the August Republican Senate primary, opposes the immigration measure, which is supported by a bipartisan coalition of senators. In a statement, Lonegan said ‘this legislation is a pure and simple amnesty for illegal aliens and if I were a member of the U.S. Senate, I would vote no.’” [CNN, 6/27/13]

Lonegan Called Social Security a “Ponzi Scheme.” Appearing on News 12’s “Power and Politics” in 2011, Lonegan said that his “biggest disappointment” when Rick Perry called Social Security a “Ponzi Scheme” was that Perry “didn’t stick to his guns, because it is [a Ponzi Scheme].” [YouTube, uploaded 10/12/11]