Campaign 2010

Oct 21, 2013

Lee Zeldin Pledges Allegiance To Washington D.C. Special Interests, Outsourcing New York Jobs

Less than a week after the Tea Party’s reckless government shutdown, Congressional Candidate Lee Zeldin pledged his allegiance today to one of Washington, DC’s most consummate political insiders, Grover Norquist.  Zeldin signed the irresponsible Norquist tax pledge and promised to protect tax breaks for companies that ship New York jobs overseas.   

“Lee Zeldin wasted no time pledging his allegiance to the reckless Washington, DC special interests that forced the irresponsible shutdown and hurt New York’s economy,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “By pledging his loyalty to Grover Norquist and joining his radical mission to protect tax breaks for companies that ship New York jobs overseas, Lee Zeldin has proven just how out of touch he is with Long Islanders.  Long Island voters are sick and tired of candidates who don’t respect American workers, and they won’t be fooled by Lee Zeldin and George Demos’s irresponsible agenda.”


Zeldin Signed Americans for Tax Reform Pledge Not to Eliminate Tax Deductions, Including Loopholes for Companies Outsourcing Jobs. “Lee Zeldin, the Republican state senator from Shirley who announced he's seeking to unseat Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton), said today in an email he has signed anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist's ‘no-tax’ pledge. Nearly every Republican in the House have signed on to the pledge sponsored by the advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform - but not all: Rep. Richard Hanna of Barneveld isn't on Norquist's list.” [Newsday, 10/21/13]

  • Signers of ATR Pledge Protect Tax Breaks for Companies Outsourcing Jobs Overseas. According to The Denver Post’s “Political Polygraph” series, a Republican candidate’s continuing support for the ATR pledge effectively protected tax breaks for companies outsourcing jobs overseas. As reported by the Denver Post, “The pledge Buck made was through Americans for Tax Reform, which circulates a pledge to ‘oppose any and all tax increases’ for legislators and candidates to sign, and then contacts them when a bill comes up that increases taxes. Ken Buck signed that pledge. In the last year, that organization has opposed legislation to that would eliminate a $14.45 billion loophole for foreign tax credits and increase government school funding and Medicaid through tax increases. So, yes, essentially, Buck has pledged to vote the ATR line, he’s reiterated that support since then, and that would mean he’s protecting tax breaks for companies outsourcing jobs overseas.” [Denver Post, 10/31/10]