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Sep 20, 2005

Hot Air: Ney’s Rhetoric vs. Reality on Gas Prices

DCCC Press

Sep 20, 2005

Hot Air: Ney’s Rhetoric vs. Reality on Gas Prices

Congressman Bob Ney (R-OH) Announced Gas Price Legislation in Attempt to Squeegee his Poor Record on Gas Prices and Energy

$396,644 Energy money taken by Bob Ney since 1993.

$119,839 Oil and gas money taken by Bob Ney since 1993.

$2.68 Price per gallon of gas Ohio families are paying today.

(Washington, D.C.) - Although Congressman Bob Ney announced new legislation on gas prices recently, his record on energy does nothing to ease the fears of price gouged Ohio drivers. In the past, Ney has opposed other anti-price-gouging measures and instead supported huge tax breaks for energy corporations.

"Just a few months ago, Congressman Bob Ney voted against immediate gas price relief and against a stop to gas price gouging. His attempt to pump up his record on energy by introducing new legislation recently may seem clever, but unfortunately for Congressman Ney, Ohio families don’t suffer from short term memory loss," said Bill Burton, communications director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Ney did nothing when gas prices were at record levels before the devastating events of Hurricane Katrina and now they’re astronomical. Ohio families deserve a representative in Congress who fights for them every day of the year, not just when the media is paying attention."

Ney's Hot Air:

Bob Ney’s talk on gas prices and energy is completely contrary to his record. Here is a look at the truth on Ney's gas record:


"It is clear, however, that we can and should do more to address the growing crisis at the gas pump that is being felt by working families across our country... Today, I am calling on my colleagues in the Congress to join me in supporting new legislation that will take immediate steps to…create a needed federal law against price gouging. These are needed, common-sense pieces of legislation that I will be pushing for in the days ahead," Ney said. [Release, 9/20/05]


Ney Voted Against Measure for Immediate Relief and a Stop to Gouging. This year, Ney voted against an energy plan that would bring immediate relief to consumers at the pump, increase the nation's investment into renewable fuels and energy efficiency and crack down on price gouging. This vote was also against a measure that would have, directed the Federal Trade Commission and Attorney General to exercise vigorous oversight over the oil markets to protect the American people from price gouging and unfair practices at the gasoline pump. [H.R. 6, Roll Call #118, 4/20/05]


"The national energy bill passed by the Congress in July was a tremendous achievement and one that I was proud to support. It will lessen our dependence on foreign oil..." [Release, 9/20/05]


Ney Supported the Special Interest Energy Bill. This year, Ney voted to support an energy bill that was a giveaway to the special interests and energy corporations. The bill, largely a $14.6 billion package of tax breaks for huge energy corporations did nothing to provide short-term or long-term relief at the pump for American families who are currently paying record gas prices. [H.R. 6, Vote #445, 7/28/05]