Campaign 2010

Dec 05, 2013

SHOT/CHASER: Jolly versus Jolly

SHOT: David Jolly Today:  “I’m David Jolly and it’s time to fix what’s broken in Washington.” [Friends of David Jolly, 12/05/13]

CHASER: David Jolly Last Month: “If a candidate in this race suggests that they can step in and change Washington, they’re either being disingenuous, or they don’t understand the job they’re stepping into.” [David Jolly Campaign Kickoff, 11/07/13]

From DCCC spokesman David Bergstein: “The first thing Washington lobbyist David Jolly said when he started his campaign was that he wouldn’t and couldn’t fix Washington. He would know: as a lobbyist, Jolly spent years enriching himself at the expense of Florida families – which is why even Republicans are saying that sending Jolly back to Washington is a bad idea because he’d do what lobbyists always do and make Congress even worse. This expensive and divisive Republican primary has already forced one candidate to start draining his resources, and this brutal intra-party fight is just getting started.”


Republican State Senator Jack Latvala: “I Really Don't Think the Timing is Right for a Washington Lobbyist to Move to Our District and Run for Congress.” “‘I really don't think the timing is right for a Washington lobbyist to move to our district and run for Congress,’ said state Sen. Jack Latvala, R-Clearwater. Latvala added, ‘I will guarantee you there will be another candidate besides him.’” [Tampa Bay Times, 10/04/13]