Trey Hollingsworth

Indiana’s 9th (IN - 09)

Updated: October 30, 2016


Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth has been caught running TV ads lying about Shelli Yoder to distract attention from Trey’s company’s history of trying to dodge Indiana taxes, and even worse, Trey is relying on his father’s money to run even more false ads. While Trey was living in Tennessee, Trey’s Indiana company raked in almost a million dollars of tax breaks and even fought to avoid paying its fair share in taxes, leaving Indiana taxpayers with the bill. Now he won’t release his tax returns. Is it because they could reveal that he avoids paying income tax by declaring his residence in Tennessee?

Proof Points

Tennessee Trey and his father’s SuperPAC have both run negative attacks ads against Shelli Yoder that have been ruled false by Hoosier fact checkers. (BACKUP)

Tennessee Trey’s company fought an Indiana county to get out of paying its property taxes after they already received more than $800,000 in state tax breaks, making the Indiana county pay for the expensive legal battle. (BACKUP)

Tennessee Trey is refusing to release his tax returns after he moved to Indiana from Tennessee, a state with no income tax. (BACKUP)

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