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Amanda Adkins and Kris Kobach – A Match Made in Devastation for Kansans

Amanda Adkins Just Campaigned with Kris Kobach – Does She Agree with Him on Policy?

If there’s one thing that unifies Kansans of all political stripes, it’s distain for failed gubernatorial and current Senate candidate Kris Kobach – but apparently that didn’t stop KS-03 candidate Amanda Adkins from jumping at the chance to campaign alongside him at a GOP event in Olathe last night.

While eyebrow-raising, Adkins’ decision to embrace Kobach is unsurprising for someone who spent most of her career working as a top adviser for historically unpopular former Governor Sam Brownback.

Now, after showing she agrees with him on style, it’s time for Adkins to come clean with Kansans about whether she agrees with Kobach on the controversial positions that have made him a pariah even in his own party:

  1. Less than a week after Governor Laura Kelly announced a bipartisan plan to pass Medicaid expansion, does Adkins agree with Kobach’s opposition to the policy?
  2. Does Adkins stand with Kobach in opposing universal background checks designed to keep Americans safe in the wake of mass shootings?
  3. After working as a top adviser to former Governor Sam Brownback, who enacted devastating cuts to the state’s education system, does Adkins agree with Kobach that Kansas schools are “overfunded”?


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