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The NRCC Looks to Score Political Points as Thousands of Californians are Affected by Valley Fever

As Public Health Endemic Grows, NRCC Mocks “Valley Fever” Town Hall Held by Rep. Cox

In their rabid craze to attack Congressman TJ Cox for doing his job by holding a town hall on the growing health issue of Coccidioidomycosis or “Valley Fever”, Republicans and the NRCC instead decided to score political points at the expense of those who have struggled with this incurable disease that has affected thousands of Californian’s across the Central Valley.

HERE and below are the NRCC’s demeaning, distasteful and pathetic political hackery attacking Congressman Cox for focusing on the issues affecting his constituents – their public health.

HERE are the facts on the thousands being effected by Valley Fever yearly and just some reporting of how pervasive and growing this incurable disease is hurting Californians and Americans across the West.

“If the NRCC isn’t screaming about how crooked Democrats are for standing up to the Trump-Valadao Agenda, they’re deciding it’s acceptable to demean a Congressman for addressing an issue that is affecting thousands of Californians in the Central Valley,” said DCCC Spokesperson, Andy Orellana. “Instead of mocking a serious public health crisis and fighting endlessly to undermine Americans’ health care, we would suggest Washington Republicans take a few minutes to consider the message the American people sent them in 2018 – Members of Congress should listen to the community they serve, not demean and undermine their future.”


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