California’s 10th (CA - 10)

Updated: October 22, 2020


Ted Howze is too risky for the Central Valley.


Voters need to see, and voters in San Joaquin county, Independents and Latinx voters need to read:

  • Howze wants to raise the retirement age for Medicare and Social Security to 70, slashing benefits for people who’ve paid into the system their whole lives. He called Medicare “a nightmare” and wants a radical overhaul and budget cuts. Howze, in his own words, said, “we can increase the retirement age” and “Medicare is a nightmare.” (BACK UP)

Republican women on the go need to see from a nonpartisan source:

  • The national Republican party, California Republican party, Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy and other local, state, and national Republicans have all withdrawn their endorsements of Howze and are refusing to support him. They’ve called him and his actions “unacceptable, disappointing, and disturbing.” (BACK UP)

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