Dr. Asif Mahmood

California’s 40th (CA - 40)

Updated: September 16, 2022


This race will be decided on a fundamental question of who is going to put partisan politics aside to deliver results for Orange County families. Dr. Asif Mahmood is a bipartisan problem solver while politician Young Kim is too partisan and puts extreme political ideology and her own interests ahead of the rights and safety of women and families in Southern California.


Voters need to see TV ads on Los Angeles cable and OTT/CTV subscribers district-wide and persuadable voters district-wide need to see digital ads and should read mail about:

  • Young Kim is an extreme politician who voted against protecting a woman’s right to choose, and even opposed protecting the right to birth control. Kim is bankrolled by extreme anti-abortion organizations that support a nationwide abortion ban, even in cases of rape or incest. In stark contrast, Dr. Mahmood supports reproductive freedom and believes that politicians should not be making decisions for women. 

Chinese American, Vietnamese American, and Korean American persuadable voters need to see digital ads and need to read direct mail about: 

  • Young Kim puts her party ahead of people on issues like reproductive health care and the economy. Kim has opposed efforts to combat inflation, voting against legislation to rein in the high costs of insulin, fuel, and food. But she joined with her party to oppose legislation to protect the right to choose. In stark contrast, Dr. Mahmood is a bipartisan problem solver who will stand with Southern California families instead of playing partisan political games.  


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