Christy Smith

California’s 25th (CA - 25)

Updated: February 3, 2020


Christy Smith is a local mom who has stepped up to deliver for this community and will fight to reform Washington to make it work for our families.

Proof Points

Voters under 65 need to read and to see on the go from our women allies that Christy Smith, a Santa Clarita mom of two daughters, will fight to make Washington work for women and their families, not the special interests. Christy will not take a dime of corporate PAC money because she doesn’t work for them; she’ll take on the corporate special interests and fight for equal pay for equal work and equal access to promotions for women. As an Assemblywoman, Christy Smith cut through partisan politics to help pass a law to expand paid family leave for new parents and caregivers. (BACKUP)

Older or more moderate voters may need to read that Christy Smith will take on the tough fights to get things done for veterans and small businesses. Local firefighters endorsed Christy because of her work to keep communities safe and increase resources for first responders. She helped pass a bill to support small businesses owned by our veterans. In Congress, she will work to make sure our troops, veterans, and first responders get the support they need and deserve and keep our communities safe. (BACKUP)

Additional Resources

  • Voter education is needed to ensure voters vote twice for their next Congresswoman on March 3 – once in the regular primary election and again for the special election to fill the remainder of Rep. Katie Hill’s term.
  • The May special election will have a very right-leaning electorate. The Antelope Valley, the bluest part of the district, is expected to plummet in turnout in the special general election in May.
  • Among the many issues facing women, paid family leave, equal pay and access to promotions, and the cost of health care are the most important.

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