Jahana Hayes

Connecticut’s 5th (CT - 05)

Updated: September 29, 2022


George Logan is too extreme for Connecticut. On critical issues, he is far outside the mainstream and he is too big of a risk.


The most important thing for voters in the Hartford/New Haven Media Market to see on broadcast TV, voters district-wide to see on OTT, and voters district-wide to see in digital ads on platforms like YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, programmatic video, and Google Search is that Jahana Hayes will fight for working families because she knows first hand the struggles of everyday people from Connecticut and the importance of a public school education: 

  • Congresswoman Jahana Hayes has lived paycheck-to-paycheck as a young, single mother. 
  • Hayes has spent her career teaching in Connecticut public schools. She was even named National Teacher of the Year in 2016. 
  •  Congresswoman Hayes helped pass the bill that lowered prescription drug costs for seniors, and passed a bill to support Gold Star families that earned her office the Purple Heart Office award – the only Congressional Office in the Northeast to win that award.


Next, voters in the Hartford/New Haven Media Market need to see broadcast TV ads about, voters district-wide need to see OTT ads about, and voters district-wide, especially pro-choice voters, need to see digital ads on platforms like YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, programmatic video, and Google Search about:

  • George Logan will vote for GOP leadership who will outlaw abortion nationwide, including here in CT.
  • He supported overturning Roe v Wade and will vote for Republican leadership in the House that will immediately ban abortion nationwide if they win in November. 
  • Logan said if elected to Congress, he would vote for a new law to restrict abortion rights nationwide, even in Connecticut.


Hispanic voters across the district need to see OTT and digital ads, especially on YouTube, about:

  • Jahana Hayes is working hard to lower taxes and bring down healthcare costs for hard working families. 
  • She supports policies to ensure that millionaires will finally pay their fair share in taxes, so middle class families can have some breathing room and keep more of what they earned. 
  • And, she passed legislation to give working families a tax cut to help pay for their healthcare premiums and to ban surprise medical billing, while she’s sponsored legislation to lower the costs of prescription drugs, cap costs for people on Medicare, and allow Medicare to negotiate drug costs.



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