Dan Bishop

North Carolina’s 9th (NC - 09)

Updated: August 27, 2019

Candidate Cost-per-Point

Media MarketEffective DateCost-Per-Point
Charlotte -- Week 2 08/26/2019 $263
Florence -- Week 2 08/26/2019 $58
Charlotte -- Week 1 08/26/2019 $289
Florence -- Week 1 08/26/2019 $64


Voters in Charlotte and voters on the go need to see that Dan Bishop sides with health insurance companies and big Pharma over regular North Carolinians. Bishop was the only politician from either party to vote against a bipartisan bill that would help patients get more affordable prescription drugs, voted to allow insurance companies to raise prices on life-saving cancer treatments, and even sided with health insurance companies to deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Now Bishop is taking money from drug company lobbyists, and drug company money is helping his campaign. (BACKUP)

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