Florida’s 26th (FL - 26)

Updated: September 17, 2020


“Corrupt Carlos” Giménez has repeatedly used his position to enrich himself, his family, and his donors.


Miami-Dade voters and voters on the go, in English and Spanish, and Florida Keys voters and voters on the go, in English, need to see; and voters in Miami-Dade in Spanish need to hear:

  • “Corrupt Carlos” Giménez approved a 67 percent pay raise for himself and increased his own pension. He makes $250,000 a year, more than almost every big-city Mayor in the country. He also kept his taxpayer-funded Mercedes-Benz after slashing $400 million in government jobs and spending. (BACK UP)
  • “Corrupt Carlos” Giménez’s sons helped run the construction company that built the poorly constructed F-I-U pedestrian bridge that collapsed and killed six people days after its installation. Despite this tragedy, “Corrupt Carlos” supported extending the firm’s $130 million airport contract. (BACK UP)

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