Nikki Budzinski

Illinois’s 13th (IL - 13)

Updated: September 20, 2022


Regan Deering, an out-of-touch heiress, will be bad in Congress for regular people.


Voters in the St. Louis and Champaign media markets and Black voters need to see and hear on television, OTT, radio and digital:

  • Deering supports allowing Illinois and other states to ban abortion even in cases of rape, incest, or health and life of the woman. She was endorsed by a far-right anti-choice organization that says birth control is dangerous and has lobbied to take away the right to choose in Illinois.
  • Deering is aligned with Republicans in Washington who have a plan to end Medicare and Social Security in five years, and she’s too wealthy to understand that these programs are lifelines for seniors.
  • Deering is aligned with Republicans in Washington who support raising taxes on middle-class families because they think they need more “skin in the game.”


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