Eric Sorensen

Illinois’s 17th (IL - 17)

Updated: October 3, 2022


Esther Joy King is a Chicago bureaucrat, a fraud and a liar who wants to strip your rights away; while Eric Sorensen is not a politician, he is a TV weatherman who has been serving our community for nearly 20 years. 


Voters in Peoria, Rockford and the Quad Cities media markets need to see TV Ads, CTV/OTT Ads, and digital ads, especially on YouTube, that Esther Joy King has celebrated women’s rights being stripped away and opposes your right to an abortion.

  • Esther Joy King celebrated the Dobbs decision and called herself unapologetically pro-life.
  • King supports allowing states to criminalize abortion, meaning women, doctors and nurses could face prosecution, even here in Illinois.

Black Voters throughout the district need to read mail that Esther Joy King is a serial liar and a fraud who just moved from Chicago to run for office, while Eric Sorensen is not a politician and has served our community for nearly 20 years as a trusted TV weatherman.

  • King claims to have started several businesses, but there is no record of them existing.
  • An investigation into King’s background found that these businesses appear to be “non-existent.”
  • King apparently moved from Chicago to run for office and is backed by millions of dollars from the special interests.
  • Eric Sorensen has served our part of Illinois for nearly 20 years as a TV weatherman.
  • Eric Sorensen will fight for healthcare.


Additional Resources

  • It is important for voters to see video footage of Esther Joy King calling herself “unapologetically pro-life.” (LINK TO VIDEO)

Esther Joy King Research Book

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