Sharice Davids

Kansas’s 3rd (KS - 03)

Updated: August 9, 2022


Amanda Adkins is not who she says she is. 


Voters should see TV ads, voters should see digital ads, and voters should see mail about:

  • The real Amanda Adkins is a long-time political advisor to former Governor Sam Brownback.
  • Adkins called Brownback an “incredible governor.”
  • Adkins helped pass Brownback’s massive tax giveaways to corporations that devastated public schools.
  • Because of Adkins and Brownback, many teachers were laid off and Kansas schools were decimated.

Voters should see digital ads and voters should see mail about:

  • Amanda Adkins wants to outlaw abortion across America, even in cases of rape and incest.
  • Adkins even wants to change the US Constitution to ban all abortions even in rare circumstances where a woman is the victim of rape and incest.


Additional Resources

  • 15% of all voters want abortion illegal in all cases, including just 4% of David’s voters and 25% of Adkins voters. Therefore, this message should not be limited to strong pro-choice voters.

Amanda Adkins Research Book

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