Michigan’s 3rd (MI - 03)

Updated: September 17, 2020


Peter Meijer, who has a $50 million dollar trust fund, doesn’t get the middle class and will hurt Michigan families to help rich people like himself.


Voters and voters on the go need to see:

  • During the pandemic, Meijer has promised to fully repeal our health care system, which guarantees Americans with pre-existing conditions can get health insurance, and would also kick millions of working Americans off their health care. The AARP said his promise will mean an age tax, making older Americans pay more for coverage. (BACK UP)
  • Meijer has pledged to protect tax handouts that he and millionaires like him profited from. Meijer is supported by the same Washington politicians who want to cut Medicare and Social Security to pay for the tax handouts for the 1%. (BACK UP)

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  • It’s important that voters understand the disconnect between Meijer having a $50 million trust fund and every day Michiganders.

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