Michigan’s 6th (MI - 06)

Updated: October 22, 2020


After 34 years in Congress, Congressman Fred Upton has gone Washington and has time and again sided with his big donors at the expense of hard working Michiganders.


Voters and voters on the go need to see:

  • Fred Upton has taken more money than almost anyone from big pharma and voted against a bill that would lower prescription drug costs. He has voted repeatedly to destroy the law that protects people with pre-existing conditions. Even during a pandemic, he voted against making it easier for people to get good quality health care. (BACK UP)
  • As the pandemic raged, Upton was busy collecting thousands in checks from billionaires like Betsy DeVos’ family, while opposing a bipartisan bill that would bring relief to small businesses and those struggling the most right now. (BACK UP)

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