Michigan’s 11th (MI - 11)

Updated: September 17, 2020


In the middle of a pandemic, Eric Esshaki is dangerous for Michigan families.


Voters and Voters on the go need to see:

  • Esshaki refuses to take the coronavirus seriously. He’s criticized Gretchen Whitmer’s health orders, and he said public officials were fearmongering about COVID and the peak of the pandemic was “nowhere near as dire” as they said. He even called the COVID economic setbacks “all artificial.” Esshaki has said he doesn’t believe children need to get vaccines to go to school. We can’t trust him to help get all of us a coronavirus vaccine if he doesn’t even believe in full vaccination. (BACK UP)
  • Esshaki even wants to let insurance companies deny people coverage for having pre-existing conditions and make health care more expensive for millions of Americans. (BACK UP)

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