Minnesota’s 2nd (MN - 02)

Updated: October 25, 2020


Tyler Kistner puts Washington special interests ahead of Minnesotans.


It’s important for Minnesota voters to know in the November general election that Tyler Kistner puts insurance and drug company profits ahead of us. (BACK UP)

  • He’d repeal the Affordable Care Act – increasing the cost of prescription drugs on older Americans, take health care coverage away from 265,000 Minnesotans and allowing insurance companies to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions – like asthma, diabetes and cancer.
  • And he supports giving insurance and drug companies billions in special tax breaks – as they make record profits.

Voters on the go need to see:

  • It’s important to vote for Angie Craig in the November General Election. A federal judge recently ruled that Election Day in MN-02 will continue to be Tuesday, November 3rd. Angie Craig grew up to a single mom, and they sometimes went without health insurance.  It’s why in Congress, Angie Craig’s worked hard and with both parties to reduce health care costs and pushed to lower the price of prescription drugs.  There’s so much at stake. (BACK UP)

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