Minnesota’s 7th (MN - 07)

Updated: September 17, 2020


Michelle Fischbach is a Twin Cities lobbyist, politician and insider who is out of touch with Western Minnesota.


Minnesota voters, especially voters closer to Minneapolis, need to see and read:

  • Fischbach voted for the buffer strip law to let the government seize land from farmers, and voted to take money out of Western Minnesota’s public schools. Fischbach even supports a plan that could close many of Western Minnesota’s hospitals. (BACK UP)

Voters, especially closer to Minneapolis, need to see from farming allies:

  • Collin Peterson is America’s most independent Congressman. As a farmer, hunter and National Guard veteran, Collin always puts Western Minnesota first. As the head of the Agriculture Committee, Collin brings together Republicans and Democrats to do more for farmers and rural communities. For example, Collin led the fight to successfully pass Trump’s Farm Bill. And Collin wrote the law that is keeping dozens of Western Minnesota’s rural hospitals open. (BACK UP)


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