North Carolina’s 8th (NC - 08)

Updated: September 17, 2020


Richard Hudson is a typical Washington politician who puts his partisanship and special interest donors ahead of the people he’s supposed to represent.  He’s turned his back on North Carolina in favor of wealthy corporations and put middle-class and military families at risk.   


Voters in Fayetteville need to see, and independent voters on-the-go need to see and need to hear, that:

  • Hudson voted for the “Republican tax scam” that gave enormous tax handouts to the wealthiest 1% of Americans, while forcing millions of middle-class families to pay more over time.  Billions of dollars went to major corporations, including big banks, drug companies, and others who have donated hundreds of thousands to Hudson’s campaigns.  And Hudson’s tax handout to major corporations adds nearly two trillions to the national debt and threatens Social Security, Medicare, and other critical programs. (BACK UP)


  • Voters may need to know Hudson took over $30,000 from big coal corporation Duke Energy and worked with Duke to kill protections for our drinking water.  This is the same Duke Energy that spilled 78 million pounds of coal ash and toxic pollutants into a North Carolina river, turning 70 miles of river into toxic sludge. And it’s the same Duke Energy that raised electric rates for hardworking North Carolina families. (BACK UP)

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