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New Jersey’s 7th (NJ - 07)

Updated: September 14, 2022


Tom Kean Jr. is an elitist Trenton politician who would be part of a MAGA majority that wants to ban abortion nationally.


Starting in mid-September voters district-wide need to watch TV ads, OTT ads, and digital ads about: 


  • In Washington, Tom Kean Jr. would be a staunch supporter of the MAGA agenda and Donald Trump – he even bragged that, “No matter what Trump does, Kean has his back.” Kean Jr. also refused to join other New Jersey Republicans in voting to condemn the January 6th riot, and was silent about threats of violence from MAGA extremists against federal law enforcement. 
  • As his fellow MAGA Republicans plan a nationwide abortion ban that would override New Jersey state law, Kean Jr. said he was a “fierce defender of the sanctity of life” who would fight “every step of the way” against a woman’s right to choose. What’s more, Tom Kean Jr. voted twelve times against funding Planned Parenthood, and on his last day in Trenton he voted against protecting a woman’s right to choose in New Jersey.


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