Val Hoyle

Oregon’s 4th (OR - 04)

Updated: September 15, 2022


Alek Skarlatos’ extreme agenda is wildly out of step with Oregon voters, and he’s not on your side.


Voters need to see TV ads on Eugene broadcast, OTT/CTV ads, and digital ads about:

  • Skarlatos is backed by extremists who support a law that would put bounties on anyone who helps a woman seek an abortion and support abortion bans that have no exceptions for rape, incest or the health of the mother. 
  • Skarlatos also has a history of dangerous, degrading comments about women. He has made jokes about a woman who died from sexual violence and said he has fantasized about choking women to death during sex. He also has a history of repeatedly interacting with girls as young as fifteen online by “liking” pictures of them wearing bikinis and lingerie tops on Instagram.

Voters under 40 need to see OTT and digital ads about: 

  • Skarlatos opposes a woman’s right to choose and supports allowing states to make their own restrictions on abortion, like in Texas, where abortion is banned before a woman may even know she is pregnant and health care providers can face large fines and even jail time. Skarlatos would go so far as to defund Planned Parenthood if elected to Congress.


Additional Resources

  • News reports about Skarlatos’ inappropriate interactions with girls as young as fifteen are important for voters to see.
  • Skarlatos’ own words joking about sexual violence should be used.

Alek Skarlatos Research Book

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