Texas’s 24th (TX - 24)

Updated: October 22, 2020


Amid this pandemic, Beth Van Duyne will say anything to get elected, but the truth is she sides with Donald Trump over North Texans.


Voters need to see:

  • Beth Van Duyne talks a good game about doing what is right on health care, but the truth is after working in the Trump administration, she supports Trump’s plans to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, charge older Americans an “age tax,” and strip health care coverage from millions of people. Van Duyne sided with Trump on opening too early and without a plan, saying we should “open up even more” just weeks before North Texas COVID cases surged to their highest levels. Even now, she’s still recklessly calling for us to reopen. (BACK UP)
  • Van Duyne will make Washington worse. The Dallas Morning News says she would “worsen Washington’s toxic political landscape” and calls her “political tenor…unnecessarily combative” and “an issue.” (BACK UP)

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  • Voters need to see this argument made in a clear and straightforward tone.

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