Virginia’s 7th (VA - 07)

Updated: August 6, 2020


Voters may need to know more about Nick Freitas:

  • Nick Freitas keeps disturbing company. He has an unusual relationship with out-of-state billionaire and extreme right-wing mega-donor, Richard Uihlein, who gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to accused child predator Roy Moore of Alabama. Uihlein gave half a million dollars to Freitas last year alone. (BACK UP)
  • Nearly half the money raised to help Freitas in his losing senate race was from dark money political groups, and Freitas opposes transparency legislation to force dark money groups to disclose their donors.  (BACK UP)
  • Rather than crack down on money in politics, Freitas regularly brags that dark money special interest groups will spend big to get him elected. (BACK UP)

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