Virginia’s 7th (VA - 07)

Updated: October 22, 2020


Nick Freitas puts himself and his donors ahead of what’s best for Virginians.


Voters across the district and voters on the go need to see that:

  • With Nick Freitas, it’s a pattern. He took thousands from corporate special interests and was one of the only Republicans to vote against over 100 bipartisan bills in the Virginia Legislature. Twice Freitas was the only member of either party of the Virginia House to oppose health insurance coverage for autism. And Freitas even opposed legislation requiring background checks for daycare employees. (BACK UP)
  • Not only is Nick Freitas lying about Abigail Spanberger, he is now lying about his own record. He is claiming now he wants to protect people with pre-existing conditions, but when given the chance to vote to protect them, he has not. Freitas has taken thousands from the insurance industry and voted to allow insurance companies to deny health coverage for people with pre-existing conditions – even for people who get Coronavirus. In fact, Freitas’ health care plan would kick 741,000 Virginians off their health insurance during the pandemic. (BACK UP)

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