Kim Schrier

Washington’s 8th (WA - 08)

Updated: August 30, 2022


Matt Larkin is out of step with Washington voters and can’t be trusted to serve in Congress.


Voters in Seattle need to see TV ads on broadcast, cable, and OTT/CTV about Larkin’s extreme stance on abortion:

  • Larkin supports a near-total ban on abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest, saying “I don’t believe in the exceptions… for rape or incest or things like that.” Now, Republican leaders are pushing for a national abortion ban if they win a majority, and Larkin said he would vote in favor of a national ban and “double down” on opposing abortion. If they are successful in banning abortion nationwide, it would override Washington state laws and ban abortion here, too.


Additional Resources

  • It is important to note that a national abortion ban would ban abortion in Washington State despite current state-level protections.
  • Larkin’s own words and the facts speak for themselves. Ads do not need to take an overly sinister tone.

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