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Darrell Issa Gets (Way More) Desperate

As the race for California’s 49th Congressional District was moved into the “Toss-Up” category by yet another political handicapper, desperate Darrell Issa announced his “It Takes Chutzpah” bus tour. Yep, that’s a reference to President Barack Obama chastising Issa for using the president on a campaign mailer in an attempt to look less like the partisan hack he is.

 “After being accused three times and charged twice for grand theft auto, it’s amazing anyone lets Darrell Issa near a bus,” said Barb Solish of the DCCC. “Clearly the richly-deserved criticism for Issa’s transparent efforts to look bipartisan got under his skin, but borrowing a bus and a line from the President can’t hide Issa’s record of putting party over country – or right the direction of his disastrous campaign.”

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