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Democrats need to flip FOUR seats to win back the House. Your monthly donation will help defeat House Republicans across the country and restore our critical Democratic House Majority.

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Dan Gaken /

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

We are the only political committee dedicated to electing Democrats to the House of Representatives

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We FLIPPED the House in 2018 and elected the most diverse slate of candidates

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We HELD the House in 2020 and the Biden Administration is fighting to enact Joe Biden’s transformative agenda for the American people

We STOPPED the projected "Red Wave" in 2022 and had one of the biggest over-performances in midterm history.

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We need YOU to help us build on our progress and take back the House!

Pathway to Victory

The DCCC is proud to introduce our Frontline Democrats -- tested and tough members of Congress -- and Challengers who will flip districts across the country from red to blue.

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DCCC Action Center

The Action Center is your one-stop shop to connect with all the places we need volunteers to help us protect the vote across the country. With your help we can help make sure every eligible voter is able to have their vote counted.