Bruce Poliquin

Maine’s 2nd (ME - 02)

Updated: October 30, 2016


Voters want to know from their neighbors why they can’t trust Bruce Poliquin. Wall Street’s millionaire Bruce Poliquin is out for himself and doesn’t care if we get hurt. When millionaires like Poliquin rig the system to their benefit, the rest of us have to pay the price.

Proof Points

Poliquin is a millionaire who worked on Wall Street for years and is still a partner in a hedge fund. (BACKUP)

Poliquin has taken more than 400 thousand dollars from Wall Street, and does their bidding in Congress. (BACKUP)

Poliquin owns oceanfront property in southern Maine worth millions. But Poliquin was caught abusing a loophole to pay less than 30 dollars in property taxes on it. (BACKUP)

Poliquin paid his property taxes late as many as 41 times. (BACKUP)

Poliquin has taken almost $150,000 from insurance company special interests and said he was “Excited” to vote for a plan that would increase insurance company profits by billions by ending the Medicare guarantee. (BACKUP)

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