David Jolly

Florida’s 13th (FL - 13)

Updated: October 30, 2016


David Jolly is just another Washington Republican who isn’t looking out for the people of Florida. First as a D.C. lobbyist and now as an out-of-touch Republican Congressman, he protects his special interest friends and falls in line as Republicans in Congress vote to undermine the middle class, Florida women, and their families.

Proof Points

As a lobbyist, Jolly worked with an organization that wanted to privatize Social Security for seniors and pushed to gamble their guaranteed benefits in the stock market. As a Congressman, Jolly says Social Security is not guaranteed, and he supports raising the retirement age. (BACKUP)

Jolly has radical views on women’s health. He wants to overturn Roe v. Wade and even introduced legislation to defund Planned Parenthood, which provides critical preventive care, birth control, and cancer screenings. (BACKUP)

Jolly voted against attempts to increase funding for the VA and voted against higher pay for service members and to ensure they were paid during a government shutdown. (BACKUP)

Jolly voted in Congress to help the same big banks that crashed our economy make billions at the expense of the middle class. (BACKUP)

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