David Valadao

California’s 21st (CA - 21)

Updated: October 30, 2016


Latino voters, especially women and those without college degrees (in English and Spanish and in Fresno and Bakersfield) need to hear that David Valadao is too willing to put Republican party loyalty ahead of doing what’s right for the people of the Central Valley. Valadao supported Donald Trump, even though he is a man with a dangerous temperament and attitudes that work against us. It is time we had someone like Emilio Huerta who works for us, not a party line Republican like Valadao.

Proof Points

Trump came to the Central Valley and said “there is no drought in California.” Valadao himself had his chance to be part of the water solution and he failed us. (BACKUP)

And even after Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers and insulted veterans, Valadao said he would “absolutely” support Trump.  That is because he consistently sides with the anti-immigration extremists. Valadao voted against the California Dream Act that provided scholarships and financial aid for immigrant children who are accepted to college. (BACKUP)

Emilio Huerta was born and raised in the Central Valley, and is a civil rights attorney who is running for Congress to help create good jobs with fair wages, greater educational opportunities, and find solutions to the water crisis. (BACKUP)

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