Don Young

Alaska’s At-Large (AK - At-Large)

Updated: October 30, 2016


Don Young once served the state well, but now he’s just in it for himself. In economic times like this, it’s time for a congressman who always puts Alaska first.

Proof Points

Independent voters in Alaska should see and read that Don Young violated federal law for decades, failing to disclose his ownership of valuable California land and the lucrative oil leases he signed with oil and gas companies granting them the right to drill on his property. Young’s secret financial arrangements with these oil and gas companies is particularly troubling given that during this time he served as chairman and then senior member of the House Natural Resources Committee, which provided federal oversight of legislation affecting oil and gas companies on public lands. After hiding his ownership of the land for over twenty years and an oil lease on that land that he profited from, Young sold the California land for as much as half a million dollars and did not disclose that windfall to the public for over a year. (BACKUP)

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