John Katko

New York’s 24th (NY - 24)

Updated: October 30, 2016


Republican John Katko never disavowed the hateful, racist and dangerous things Trump said, failing to act like the independent leader he claims to be. His recent denouncement of Trump is only about protecting himself, not standing up for Central New York.

Proof Points

Republican leaders and more than 50 national security advisors have denounced Trump as dangerous and reckless – someone who would put America at risk. But not Republican John Katko. Even when Trump says he “loves war in a certain way”, and believes more countries should have nuclear weapons. (BACKUP)

Trump was caught bragging about groping women without consent and has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple women. He has made hateful, racist remarks. (BACKUP)

Katko refused to denounce Trump when previously given the opportunity. He has said Trump has “good principles” and stated he would support the Republican nominee. (BACKUP)

When asked about how he could not denounce Trump previously, Katko said he was “more concerned about my race.” (BACKUP)

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