John Mica

Florida’s 7th (FL - 07)

Updated: October 30, 2016


Now that voters have seen Mica’s record on abortion and marital rape, they should see that this is an election about Stephanie Murphy’s new approach and Congressman Mica’s out of touch record, words, and Washington ways. After 30 years in Washington, Mica has been in Washington too long and has become part of the problem. Stephanie Murphy is a former national security specialist, who will tackle the toughest problems head on who has always put people over politics.  Mica enthusiastically endorses Donald Trump, because they share the same harmful views on so many issues.

[West Orlando News, July 2016]

Proof Points

After 9/11, Stephanie Murphy became a national security specialist at the Department of Defense, planned counterterrorism and disaster relief efforts, and was recognized for her commonsense problem solving.  (BACKUP)

Congressman Mica has voted to raise his own pay eight times — accepting a thirty percent pay increase over 24 years. But when it comes to equal pay for women, Mica sides with Donald Trump — opposing equal pay laws. Stephanie Murphy supports equal pay for equal work.  And she supports “no budget, no pay” – to require Congress to pass a budget on time each year – or they don’t get paid.  (BACKUP)

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