Kevin Yoder

Kansas’s 3rd (KS - 03)

Updated: October 30, 2016


Yoder’s reckless budget proposals paved the way for Sam Brownback’s policies which devastated our schools while providing tax cuts to corporations.  Yoder endorsed Brownback twice, and is now endorsing Donald Trump “no matter what crazy things he says.”  Kansas families shouldn’t have to keep paying the price for Kevin Yoder’s dangerous agenda.

Proof Points

Brownback’s policies that have devastated Kansas’ education system had their “genesis” with Yoder. (BACKUP)

In Topeka, Yoder championed extreme plans cut funding for schools by hundreds of millions of dollars while giving tax breaks to businesses. A Kansas editorial said his plan “would have forced local school boards to choose between deep spending cuts and higher property taxes.” (BACKUP)

Yoder is a top Brownback ally, endorsing him for a second term even as his failed policies cost the state jobs, bring the economy to a halt and result in dangerous cuts to education, road maintenance, and care for our most vulnerable citizens. (BACKUP)

Yoder supports Donald Trump for President, and said he would stand by him “no matter what crazy things he says” even though his insulting and dangerous comments show he doesn’t have the temperament or knowledge to serve as President. Even after Trump mocked a disabled reporter and insulted the Gold Star parents of a fallen solider, Yoder still supports him. (BACKUP)

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