Mia Love

Utah’s 4th (UT - 04)

Updated: October 30, 2016


It’s disappointing that Mia Love has gone to Washington to serve herself, not Utah. She is wasting taxpayer dollars promoting herself instead of doing her job which is hurting her constituents in Utah.

Proof Points

Mia Love broke the rules by billing taxpayers for her personal travel, including a lavish out-of-state party. She has been repeatedly accused of ethics violations for her misuse of taxpayer dollars and even lied to cover it up when she was caught. (BACKUP)

Mia Love spent more on taxpayer-funded self-promotion last year than all other members of Congress from Utah combined. (BACKUP)

Mia Love has admitted that she voted against a bill that would have improved education in part because she did not have time to read it. (BACKUP)

When Love’s constituents have reached out to her, she and her staff have often ignored them. Love did not show up to her scheduled meeting with a seniors’ group and even failed to respond to a veteran and the family of a veteran who asked her office for help. (BACKUP)


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