Tim Walberg

Michigan’s 7th (MI - 07)

Updated: October 30, 2016


Voters need to understand that Trade Deal Tim Walberg has spent years raking in campaign cash from special interests and outsourcers, and that’s why he supports unfair trade deals and policies that cost Michigan jobs. He’s taken millions of taxpayer dollars for his salary and pension, because Walberg looks out for himself, not Michigan workers. That’s why he’s been described as “epitomiz[ing] everything that is wrong” with Washington.

Proof Points

Trade Deal Tim Walberg has voted yes on every single trade deal since he’s been in Congress, even though unfair trade has cost Michigan tens of thousands of jobs. (BACKUP)

Walberg took more than $140,000 from PACs and executives of companies that have outsourced American jobs, and voted to help them and hurt Michigan families. (BACKUP)

Walberg was recently described as “epitomiz[ing] everything that is wrong” with Washington, taking over $2 million in salary and pensions from taxpayers while supporting policies that hurt Michigan workers. (BACKUP)

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