Tom Reed

New York’s 23rd (NY - 23)

Updated: October 30, 2016


Voters in this part of New York want a Representative who reflects their values and focuses on issues here at home, not someone who protects the rigged system in Washington. While Tom Reed might want you to think he’s in touch with our district, the truth is in Congress he votes to let politicians like himself, millionaires, and corporations play by a different set of rules. All at the expense of hard working families in Western New York, The Southern Tier, and Finger Lakes region.

Proof Points

Tom Reed says we need to cut down on government spending, but he will gladly accept taxpayer dollars to bankroll his own interests and has voted in Congress to protect his own perks at taxpayers’ expense. (BACKUP)

Tom Reed sits on the body responsible for writing our tax laws, but plays by a different set of tax rules himself. Reed paid his own property taxes late dozens of times, and also got caught breaking the rules by using campaign money to pay his personal property taxes. (BACKUP)

Tom Reed voted to raise the income tax on the middle class by an average of two thousand dollars a year so that he could pay for a huge tax break for corporations and millionaires. (BACKUP)

Tom Reed introduced legislation that would have benefited corporate officials who gave him tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds. (BACKUP)

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