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Will Hurd Continues to Refuse to Speak Out Against Extremists in His Party

Last week, several of Congressman Will Hurd’s freshman colleagues fell all over themselves to attach their name to an empty letter that –  in their minds – distanced themselves from the extremists in the House that want to shut down the entire federal government. Congressman Hurd did not even sign his name to the letter to at least voice his concern about a government shutdown, once again demonstrating his unwillingness to stand up to the extreme wing of his party.

This certainly isn’t the first time Congressman Hurd failed to take a stand on an issue that matters to West Texans. For weeks now, local journalists have been pressing Hurd to weigh in on whether or not he supports the basic, constitutional right of birthright citizenship. He has avoided multiple requests for comments about birthright citizenship, deliberately refusing to speak out against those that have latched onto the issue as means of spreading their hateful, anti-immigration rhetoric.

“Whether on the issue of birthright citizenship, or a potential government shutdown, Congressman Hurd is going far out of his way to avoid taking a stand on pressing issues facing West Texas,” said Jermaine House of the DCCC. “Silence is not leadership, and Congressman Hurd’s constituents deserve a representative that doesn’t dodge the tough issues.”

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