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100 Days Without Roe, Yvette Herrell Wants to Make it Worse

It has been 100 days since the Republican-appointed Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, effectively ending 50 years of reproductive freedom as we knew it. Since then, countless horror stories have surfaced: a 10-year-old rape victim forced to flee her state to get health care, women who experience miscarriages and people with auto-immune diseases unable to access vital medication, women told they’d have to give birth to a non-viable fetus, and more.

Despite the cruel stories and the widespread backlash at the ballot boxHouse Republicans and Yvette Herrell have doubled down on their war on women with continued promises to pass a nationwide abortion ban. 

  • Yvette Herrell signed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to overturn Roe while the rest stood by.

  • Yvette Herrell signed on to a national abortion ban that doesn’t offer exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the woman.

  • Yvette Herrell co-sponsored legislation that would allow a rape victim to be charged with a felony and face up to three years in prison if she aborts a fetus conceived in that rape for supposed “tampering with evidence.

  • Herrell supports jailing doctors who perform abortions at 6 weeks, before many women know they are pregnant.

  • Herrell believes that enshrining reproductive and marriage equality rights into law would ‘undermine the nuclear family.’

  • The Republican Study Committee – which Yvette Herrell is a part of – doubled down on calls to “end abortion” nationwide in their newly released agenda.

DCCC spokesperson Maddy Mundy:
“Millions of women have gone 100 days without the freedom they once had and Republicans like Yvette Herrell want to ban abortion nationwide. New Mexico voters will reject Herrell and her toxic agenda in November, because they want their freedoms restored, not taken away further by extreme Republicans.”


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