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3 Questions Peter Roskam Won’t Answer on His Tax Plan

Rep. Peter Roskam will tell you all about the tax plan he wrote to give breaks to big corporations, just as long as you don’t ask him about how the Middle Class Double Tax is going to hammer homeowners and families in his own district. Just months after the Illinois legislature voted to increase income taxes, Roskam’s plan would prevent Illinois families from deducting these tax hikes from their federal returns.

Roskam has tried a number of strategies to hide just how bad his plan is for Chicagoland families, including not responding to criticism, evading with Washington talking points, and even passing the buck to other Washington Republicans.

With the House voting this week on a budget to pave the way for Roskam’s tax plan, here are three questions that Peter Roskam hasn’t answered on the Middle Class Double Tax:

  • Will middle class families in Chicagoland see a tax increase if his plan is passed?
  • What EXACTLY does he want to see in the “soft-landing” or “compromise” that he keeps talking about with eliminating the State and Local Tax Deduction that 45 percent of his constituents claimed last year for nearly $5 billion in federal tax relief?
  • If he can’t succeed in achieving that “soft-landing,” will he still vote for the bill even though it includes the Middle Class Double Tax?

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