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4 Questions for Rodney Davis Ahead of Tonight’s Event

Career politician Rodney Davis is holding an “open government night” in Normal where he’ll surely do everything he can to avoid addressing the issues that matter to voters in the 13th Congressional District. Since Davis will duck and dodge as normal, here are four questions to keep in mind:

  1. Will Davis stand up for families and seniors in the 13th Congressional District and promise to back legislation in the House that lowers the cost of prescription drugs, rather than with the big drug companies who bankroll his campaign?
  2. Will Davis finally stop talking out of both sides of his mouth on protecting his constituents’ health care?Reminder: Davis voted 10 times to jeopardize protections for Illinoisans with pre-existing conditions enshrined in the Affordable Care Act and voted in 2017 for the Republican health care “plan” that would’ve risked protections for Illinoisans with pre-existing conditions and instituted an age tax on seniors.

  3. Does Davis regret how his full “embrace” of Donald Trump shreds his pretend-moderate persona?
  4. Is Davis planning another first-class getaway if the government shuts down in December?

“No amount of ‘open government’ nights will change the fact that Rodney Davis is a bought and paid for politician whose bipartisan credentials are nothing more than a thinly veiled mask he wears in district,” said DCCC Spokesperson Courtney Rice.

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