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5 Things Victoria Spartz Wants You to Forget From Record Ahead of Tonight’s IN-05 Forum

Spartz Will Try To Use Tonight To Rewrite Her Record on Health Care and Self-Dealing

As voters prepare to hear from Victoria Spartz tonight for the first time since she attempted to rewrite history from her primary campaign, we’d like to remind you that Spartz isn’t looking out for Hoosier families – she’s only interested in looking out for herself and her family.

Here are five things Victoria Spartz wants you to forget about from her past:

  1. Spartz Bragged About Fighting The Affordable Care Act: Spartz proudly proclaimed that she “fought Obamacare” less than five months ago and in the middle of a public health crisis. But now that she’s in a competitive general election, Spartz is falsely moderating her position and in an attempt to rewrite her record on health care.
  2. Spartz Promised To Repeal The ACA. Spartz made this promise despite knowing that 329,300 Hoosiers in the 5th District who have pre-existing conditions would be at risk of losing their care or being charged more – simply because of a condition like asthma, cancer, or diabetes – and 54,000 Hoosiers in the District would lose their coverage.
  3. Spartz Voted Multiple Times Against Ensuring Coverage For Hoosier Children With Pre-existing Conditions. In the State Senate, Spartz voted twice against ensuring insurance companies cover kids with certain pre-existing conditions. Spartz was also one of nine votes against an amendment that ensured coverage for those with pre-existing conditions on short-term insurance plans. No matter what Spartz might say in a campaign commercial, her actions are louder than words.
  4. Spartz Used Her Political Position To Personally Benefit. Spartz introduced legislation in the State Senate that would remove state oversight of lands like the ones her family had planned a multi-million-dollar development on. Ethics and public policy experts decried Spartz’s move, saying she should have disclosed the conflict and that the entire situation “just smells funny.”
  5. Spartz is STILL Surrounded By Questions About Her Finances And Land Holdings. Spartz “does not list a single bank account on her personal financial disclosure, meaning she is either unbanked or didn’t comply with disclosure rules.”


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