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72 Hours And Counting: Michelle Steel Refuses To Acknowledge And Explain Her Business Partner And Husband Selling Access To Trump To Chinese Foreign Nationals

72 Hours of Steel Silence – Steel Has Zero Response As Husband and Business Partner Sits At Center of Foreign Money Matchmaking Scheme

Michelle Steel, Chairwoman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, Chair of the Trump White House’s AAPI Commission and Republican Congressional candidate for CA-48, spent another day not saying a single thing regarding new reporting from the Wall Street Journal showing her husband and business partner, Shawn Steel, is at the center of a scandal for his work to open doors for Chinese foreign nationals to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations to Trump and the RNC’s reelection efforts.

Steel’s relationship with these Chinese foreign nationals was so suspect and embarrassing for the GOP, the RNC instructed Steel “to break ties” with his Chinese political contacts. And when asked why he was hosting these Chinese foreign nationals and opening doors to the Trump reelection campaign for them, Shawn Steel had no response.

Now Michelle Steel, Orange County congressional candidate and the Chief Financial Officer to the Shawn Steel Law Firm where she reported receiving a $290,000 salary from the firm, still has had ZERO response about her husband and business partner’s questionable and possibly illegal dealings. According to the Orange County Register:

“Shawn Steel’s wife, Supervisor Michelle Steel, who is registered as chief financial officer at her husband’s law firm, is running against Rouda for that seat. Michelle Steel did not respond to the Register’s request for comment on the Journal’s story.”

Let’s not forget that the voters of CA-48 already rejected in 2018 a coopted Republican official with direct ties to a foreign government that served as Shawn Steel’s wing man, and they don’t want another corrupted Republican who’s at a minimum complicit in the lobbying of foreign interests over the needs of Californians.

Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana:

“While the Steels refuse to answer questions about how they profited off these foreign dealings, Michelle Steel owes the voters of Orange County an explanation as to whether she supports the reported dealings of her husband and business partner in helping Chinese Communist Party leaders buy access to the Trump Administration and America’s top policymakers. The voters of Orange County deserve answers not more silence from career politician Michelle Steel.”  


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