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A Majority of Latinos Believe Republicans’ Economic Policies Benefit The Wealthy and Corporations

A new Navigator Research poll found a majority of Latino voters (61 percent) believe that Republicans’ economic policies mainly benefit the wealthy and corporations.

In addition, 71 percent of Latino voters in battleground districts believe Republicans are more focused on “non-economic” issues. This makes sense given that, since the first days of their majority, House Republicans have passed at least four anti-abortion measures targeting everything from doctors who perform abortions to reproductive care for members of the armed services.

That’s not all. When asked to rate the job the Republicans are doing on the economy, Latino voters rated Republican lawmakers in battleground districts much more negatively than Democrats.

DCCC Spokesperson José Muñoz:
“It’s clear that a majority of Latino voters want lawmakers who are focused on lowering costs and making life easier for everyday working people. Yet House Republicans are hellbent on the opposite, making life harder by threatening to cut health care access and fighting to take away essential freedoms.”


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