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ABC 20: Illinois Residents Say “Davis Sided With Prescription Drug Manufacturers”

After Voting Against H.R. 3, Davis Under Fire to “Take Action to Lower Prescription Drug Prices”

Illinois residents traveled to Congressman Rodney Davis’ Springfield office to call him out for not taking action to lower the cost of prescription drugs. Last month, Davis voted against bipartisan legislation to bring down these costs, siding with big drug manufacturers even though Illinois residents pay $17,538,442,413 for prescription drugs every year. His “no” vote came despite a report from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office that the bill would save a family of four approximately $1,920 per year and amid news that drug companies are raising prices on more than 400 drugs.


That’s not all – the Hill is reporting on the growing political cost of Republican efforts to block bipartisan legislation to lower drug prices:

“The GOP’s reluctance to challenge rising prescription drug costs could be a political liability for the party in 2020. Outrage over increasing prices has propelled the issue to the top of voters’ minds heading into the November elections, when Republicans hope to keep control of the Senate and retake the House.”

“Illinoisans in the 13th Congressional District deserve a representative who stands with them, not the drug manufacturers and special interests who bankroll his campaign,” said DCCC Spokesperson Courtney Rice. “By voting against lowering the cost of prescription drugs, Washington Republicans like Rodney Davis will cement their political undoing in November.”

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